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Benefits of Piano

      Exposure to learning music rewires neural circuits.  Dr. Frank R. Wilson, a San Fransisco neurologist, has been studying the link between the brain and the ability to make music.  He started on the neurological trail of music after noticing the physical and mental evolution taking place in his daughter after she began piano lessons.  He even began taking lessons himself at the age of 40.

     Many other researchers point to the correlation between taking piano lessons and higher academic scores, muscular development, physical coordination, mental concentration, the ability to hold up under stress, memory skills, more advanced vocabulary and better reading ability than children who have had no muscial training.


Making a Difference

     Piano playing helps a child develop a good personality and attitude.  It is also a creative outlet that allows a child to share his/her accomplishments with family & friends.  Through the study of music, a child gains more self esteem and more control over the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of life.

     Even the child who only takes lessons for 2 or 3 years has achieved valuable skills.  When a child shows more confidence in facing new experiences, an added willingness to stick with a job till it's finished, an increased poise in social situations, parents see some of the indirect - but important benefits of his/her piano lessons.



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