A Personalized Approach

     Dimitra has developed an innovative approach to the art of piano teaching, applying the principles of guided discovery in a method that guarantees success. Dimitra's students say she helps make music look more like English than a foreign language.  Her gentle nurturing style, along with the parents' support, make a successful combination for students to enhance their piano studies properly. 

     She also teaches different musical styles, such as Classical piano pieces,
Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, and Pop to encompass a wide variety of musical tastes.  She believes that all these different music styles contribute to a well rounded musician.  All forms of music can be a teaching tool for learning technique, interpretation, and rhythm.  ** She doesn't get distracted by teaching a variety of instruments so her sole devotion to piano instruction is more precise and clear.



Empowering Students

      Dimitra has spent her career studying and enhancing the different learning styles of her students.  She gently guides her students and encourages them to be independent thinkers at the keyboard.



     There are four elements she emphasizes in her teaching

Efficiency - We all know time management can be a challenge in our busy lives, and the ability to practice effectively is an important lesson when looking to improve. Students are encouraged to establish good practice habits in the beginning stages of learning, and by starting with good habits really helps accelerate positive student progression.


Flexibility - Every student is different. Dimitra's teaching style, curriculum and approach are flexible and varied in order to suit the needs and interests of individual students.


Innovation - There is always something to learn in the music teaching field. Dimitra pushes herself to be a better music teacher to the benefit of all her students.


Communication - Having a good relationship between teacher and student will help students learn more effectively. It's important to talk to students before the lesson commences, so you know how they feel that particular day and help them to relax and ease into a positive learning mode before the class. Dimitra also keeps in close contact with parents to make sure students are practicing correctly at home and to see if there needs to be any adjustments.          


                                Serving Corona and the surrounding areas.

His Song Piano

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Tuesday       2:00 - 8:30pm

Wednesday  2:00 - 8:30pm

Thursday     2:00 - 9:00pm


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